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Artist Feature: Vincent Taggart

"My goal is to make functional art that “earns” the space it occupies." -VT

Vincent Taggart is a ceramicist and sculptor from Portland, Oregon. His work's beauty is in its function, bringing a raw, earthen feel to the space it occupies.

"I practice ceramics with interior design in mind. As the world population grows, our city living and workplaces are getting smaller. Most of these works are a result of exploring solutions to the challenges of decorating these small spaces. " -VT

"Oil Ocean III" by Vincent Taggart, stonewear platter.

"Cascading Foam" by Vincent Taggart, ceramic and acrylic.

"Technique: I like the look of torn, broken, live edges and cracked clay. My hands are my primary tool. I use ancient hand building methods to make the forms. The clay is midfire stoneware that I bisque fire to cone .05. Afterward it is coated with glazes I have developed myself and fired again at cone 6 in oxidation." -VT

Vincent's work will be in the gallery until November 30th first. You can find more of his work at on instagram.

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