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Artist Feature: Mary Lyn Gough

"Mother Nature is full of amazing textures, colors, shapes and patterns." -MLG

Mary Lyn Gough "Sunday Best", watercolor

Mary Lyn Gough "Bashful Beauty", watercolor

Mary Lyn Gough is a self proclaimed "enthusiastic gardener". Her love and fascination with flowers can be seen in the gentle realism of her watercolor paintings. Gough is able to capture the specificity and detail of her subjects without sacrificing aesthetics. Her work is as beautiful as it is is eye-catching.

Mary Lyn Gough "Charlotte Awaits", watercolor

"I aim to capture an immersive experience in each painting that envelops the viewer in

my work, my vision of the blooms, the secrets they have to share. So real, they’re

unreal, the work compels you to reach for a touch, or lean in for the scent of the bloom." -MLG

Mary's work will be displayed in the gallery until August first. You can find more of Mary's work at

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