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Artist Feature: Jeanne Steffan

"Color, texture, and shape are the visual components of these paintings." -JS

Jeanne Steffan "Modern Sunset", acrylic on canvas

Jeanne Steffan "Summer Rose", acrylic on canvas

Jeanne Steffan's work is a playful tribute to nature. Warm vibrants and pastels converge in swirling organic shapes that draw the eye around the piece, creating a lovely cohesion between the works. Steffan creates a cheerful atmosphere with her work, painting with the soft brushstrokes of spring and summer.

Jeanne Steffan "Oil and Water", acrylic on canvas

"Color drives the mood. Textures are built, as layers record my relationship with the painting...whether abstract or realistic, nature is at the helm, and the source of my inspiration." -JS

Jeanne's work will be in the gallery until August first. You can find more of her work at and @jeannesteffanart on instagram.

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