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Artist Feature: Dominyka Obelenyte

Updated: May 19, 2022

"My art is a world where impish creatures thrive, and consciousness can run hand in hand with itself, delighting in the diversity of life and observable experience." -DO
Dominyka Obelenyte "Heritage"

Dominyka Obelenyte "Decisions, decisions"

Dominyka Obelenyte is not only an artist, but a 10 x Brazilian jiu jitsu world champion. Born in Lithuania, Obelenyte is a self proclaimed romanticist who works in mixed media. Dom studied visual arts at Columbia University where she discovered a love of printmaking and "cannibalizing paper works into new creations." Her work is bright and whimsical, conjuring fantasies of flora and fauna of a different realm.

Dominyka Obelenyte "We're Going To Eat You", marker on paper

“I wasn’t allowed out of my house as a kid and teenager, but the walls were adorned with large photographs of mystical places that I knew existed but had never visited before. Those places were an antithesis to the suffocating barriers of my world: smooth rolling lines to break through four square walls. Vivid hues to push past boring beiges. Leafed organisms expanding limitlessly outwards instead of curling inside of themselves. The four walls imprinted on me the idea that form should be labeled and processed-made easy to digest. That 90 degree angles constituted structure, and the fabric of the tall, sturdy and gray offered real opportunity and real wealth."

You can find more of Dominyka's work at and at @domdabomburmom (Instagram & Tiktok).

(from left to right)

Dominyka Obelenyte "Joshua Tree"

Dominyka Obelenyte "Dr. Suess Trees"

Dominyka Obelenyte "Out In The Canyons"

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