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2022 Summer Exhibition

Updated: May 19, 2022

Gallery Dzialo Summer Exhibition May 4th-August 1st.

Welcome to the summer 2022 show!

Featuring work from Tom Skelly, Jeanne Setffan, Mary Lyn Gough, and Momo Carter.

Our summer 2022 show emphasizes nature as inspiration with Jeanne Stephan and Mary Lyn Gough, and vibrant execution with Tom Skelly and Momo Carter. Colorful and bold, these works are sure to inspire you this spring and summer.

Tom Skelly "Shimmy Ghosts", mixed media

Jeanne Steffan "Modern Sunset", acrylic on canvas

Mary Lyn Gough "Charlotte Awaits", watercolor

Momo Carter "I Am", mixed media

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